Product: TCXO and VCTCXO - "T" Series - 32.768 KHz
Output: TTL/CMOS Square Wave

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Product Summary:

Output Wave Form: Square Wave
Frequency Range
RoHS Compliant
Equivalent Model
Package Description
Thru-Hole Types
M38T_ VM38T_ 32.768 KHz M38GT_ VM38GT_ 4 pin DIP
M39T_ VM39T_ M39GT_ VM39GT_ 4 pin DIP
M14T_ VM14T_ M14GT_ VM14GT_ 4 pin DIP. Hermetically sealed.
M15T_ VM15T_ M15GT_ VM15GT_ 4 pin DIP. With trimmer.
M8T_ VM8T_ M8GT_ VM8GT_ 4 pin DIP. Half size. Hermetically sealed.
M9T_ VM9T_ M9GT_ VM9GT_ 4 pin DIP. Half size. With trimmer
Gull Wing Surface Mount Types
M55T_ VM55T_ 32.768 KHz M55GT_ VM55GT_ 4 pin gull wing
M47T_ VM47T_ M47GT_ VM47GT_ 4 pin gull wing
M24T_ VM24T_ M24GT_ VM24GT_ 4 pin gull wing. Hermetically sealed.
M25T_ VM25T_ M25GT_ VM25GT_ 4 pin gull wing. With trimmer
M28T_ VM28T_ M28GT_ VM28GT_ 4 pin gull wing. Half size. Hermetically sealed.
M29T_ VM29T_ M29GT_ VM29GT_ 4 pin Gull wing. Half size. With trimmer
Leadless Surface Mount Types
M62T_ VM62T_ 32.768 KHz M62GT_ VM62GT_ 6 pad FR4 base. 2.5 mm H
M42T_ VM42T_ M42GT_ VM42GT_ 4 pad FR4 base. 2.5mm H
M64T_ VM64T_ M64GT_ VM64GT_ 6 pad FR4 base. 4.7 mm H
M44T_ VM44T_ M44GT_ VM44GT_ 4 pad FR4 base. 4.7 mm H
M572T VM572T Same(1) Same(1) 4 pad ceramic base. 5 x 7 mm
M53T_ VM53T_ Under Development Same(1) Same(1) 4 pad ceramic base. 5 x 3.2 mm

"_" is voltage code. For RoHS equivalent model please add "G" after the package code. M14TG3, for example, would be a Voltage Code "3" RoHS-compliant S series M14 package.

(1) M57T, VM57T, M53T, and VM53T are RoHS compliant and lead-free products.

Note: Frequency tuning by built-in mechanical trimmer (variable capacitor) is standard for all models except models M57T, VM57T, M53T, and VM53T. Please specify when ordering if trimmer is not required.

Note: Non-hermetically sealed (VC)TCXO products are not subjected to the washing cycles as the solvent degrade the trimmer capacitor. If cleaning is mandatory please choose hermetically sealed packages or no-trimmer option.

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