Product Change Notification

Mercury wishes to notify customers that a packaging change will be made to the following product(s).
Should you have any issues with the timeline or content of this change, and/or you require data or samples to qualify this change, please contact Mercury.
No response from customers will be deemed as acceptance of the change and the change will be implemented pursuant to the key milestones set forth in this PCN.
Mercury reserves the right to ship either version manufactured after the product change effective date until the inventory on the earlier version has been depleted.
To reach Mercury:

Asian, European and African customers: Please contact Mercury Electronic Industrial Co.
at or by fax at (886) (2) 2496-0769
North & South American customers: Please contact Mercury United at or by fax at (1) (909) 466-0762.

Description and Reasons for the Change: Passive components are moved from the inside to the outside of the die cavity area for the reasons of
a. External tuning circuit access for better initial frequency accuracy.
b. Improved manufacturability and expanded product offerings.
c. Product reliability enhancement
d. Elimination of the top epoxy encapsulation around the crystal to avoid popcorning.
Product(s) Affected: M57T TCXOs and VM57T VCTCXOs Manufacturing Location Affected: Mercury Electronic Ind. Co., Ltd. – Taiwan Mercury United Electronics, Inc.
– USA Customer Impact: No impact. No change in footprint and board area. Board re-layout is not necessary. No function change. Recommended Actions:
a. Package seat height is reduced from 2.5 mm to 2.3 mm. Offset is needed for automatic pick and place pick-up.
b. Upon approval, change approved Mercury part number from
(1) M57T to M572T (for TCXO)
(2) VM57T to VM572T (for VCTCXO)